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Filtration of toxins, apparatus for,

Fiocca's method of staining spores,


Fission, 33
Flagella, 31
staining of, 101

conditions essential to success

in, 103

Pitfield's method, 103
Forceps, cover-glass, 93
Formaldehyde as a germicide, 114
in disinfection of rooms, 199, 122
regenerator, 115
Formalin, 114

in disinfection of rooms, 122
use of, as a disinfectant, 115
Fowl-tuberculosis, bacillus of, 238
Franke!'s instrument for obtaining
earth from various   depths
for bacteriologic study, 174
method   of  making    anaerobic

cultures, 154
Friedlander's method  of staining

bacteria in tissue, 97
pneumonia bacillus, 352
cultures of, 353
pathogeny of, 354
Funnel for filling tubes with  cul-
ture-media, 126
Furniture, disinfection of, 121

GABBETT'S method of demonstrat-
ing the presence of tuber-
cle bacilli in sputum, 214

Cases,  production of, by bacteria,


determination of, 54
Gelatin as a culture-medium, 127
growth of bacteria in, 148, 149
growth,  microtome   section of,

159, 160

liquefaction of, by bacteria, 53
Generation, spontaneous,  doctrine

of, 18

"Germ theory" of disease, 23
Germicidal  value  of  g-aseous re-
agents,    determination    of,

Germicidal value of reagents, deter-
mination of, 178
Koch's method, 178
Stern berg's method, 179
Germicides,   chemical    action   of,


value of different, 113, 144
Glanders, 248
bacillus of, 249
cause of, 248

injections of mallein in, 254
Glassware, sterilization of, 106
Glycerin  agar-agar  as  a  culture-
medium, 131

-gelatin  as  an  imbedding  me-
dium, 85

Gonococci, cultivation of, 202
Gonococcus, 201

in urethral pus, 201
Gonorrhea, 201

communication  of,   to  animals,

Gram's method of staining bacteria

in tissue, 97

of staining cover-glass prepa-
rations, 99
solution for staining bacteria in

tissue, 98

Gruber's method of making an-
aerobic cultures, 154

HANDS, disinfection of, 115

Hanging-drop method of examin-
ing Jiving micro-organisms,

Havelburg's bacillus, 405

Heat, moist, in sterilization of ap-
paratus used in experi-
mentation, 106

use of, in sterilization of instru-
ments, etc., 106

Hemoglobin agar-agar, 131

Hesse's    apparatus  for  collecting

bacteria from the air, 165
method   of   making   anaerobic
cultures, 153

Heyroth's instrument for counting
colonies of bacteria in Petri
dishes, 170